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Product 23.07.2018     Author: NMB Minebea GmbH

Trend Topic IoT - Connected Industry and the „WavyNozzle 2“

According to a study published by IDC, 2018 could mean the big breakthrough for IoT applications in the industrial sector. So far, especially the complexity of the offered technologies as well as the multiplicity of providers caused start-up difficulties in Germany. This year, 72 percent of the surveyed companies have fit IoT projects into their budgets, but still most of them wish for less complicated integration options. With the programmable coolant jetting device „WavyNozzle 2“, MinebeaMitsumi offers easy integration into existing production structures and therefore ensures a smooth start into the IoT era.

The second generation of the coolant nozzle patented by MinebeaMitsumi features compact, high-performance and wireless communication, making it easy to realize IoT based workstations. The „WavyNozzle 2“ is an add-on for machining tools of precision components. Chips are efficiently removed, which can significantly improve the production quality and also prolong the service life of machines. The product’s centerpiece, the oscillating nozzle, is located directly at the processing point and can also be installed on machine tools with a small working area, due to its immensely reduced size. The maximum coolant supply pressure has been enhanced from the conventional 2MPa to 4MPa, which ensures an optimal distribution of the coolant and lubricant by almost any medium-pressure coolant pump device.

Depending on requirements of the respective production structure, „WavyNozzle 2“ can be used at a fixed angle or in two different modes of movement. The three options are of course combinable and can be stored as sample sequences. By downloading the corresponding app, „WavyNozzle 2“ can be operated wirelessly via smarthpone. Up to fifty coolant nozzles can be controlled via one operating device. Wireless communication is realized via a Bluetooth Mesh network and is therefore optimally suited for large production halls and surroundings with weak reception. Compared to the first generation of the coolant nozzle, developers introduced further valuable features: With the machine monitoring function, the operating status of all connected machine tools can be controlled easily. A further improvement is the splitting of the control board into a system control board and a motor driver board, and extending the length of the cable between the two boards. Therefore it is now possible to mount the device to large-scale machinery for which the previous type was not long enough.

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