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Product 20.12.2016     Author: Roman Klein

New generation of BLDC motors ensure movement

PM DM has developed a wide range of BLDC motors, the advantages are increasingly being put into the market.

The customer simply transfers his parameters via a computer to the motor and adjusts the drive to his needs. No additional, external programming costs, no complex probing and no over-long project times.

Brushed or brushless? This question becomes less of a problem, the advantages of the brushless electromotor have been reliable for a long time and the exchange of brush-motors is in many areas in full range. Important is the correct choice of the motor.

A newly developed electronic family offers the customer much more flexibility. An integrated closed-loop control makes it possible to measure, monitor and precisely control the speed, current consumption, temperature, position and voltage. The BLDC 40 motor, for example, can completely switch off the power supply for the motor electronics, especially for battery-powered applications. The threshold for this deep discharge protection is freely parameterizable. The BLDC 40 motor is a typical internal rotor EC motor with an efficiency factor of 85% including electronics. Via the integrated Hall sensors, the intelligent electronics can measure the position and the direction of rotation of the rotor and thereby realizing simple positioning tasks. In many cases, this function is sufficient to make an additional encoder unnecessary. Multiple motors can also be synchronized via the integrated position measurement. Algorithms for implementing an electronic wave are already integrated into the firmware. The motors are either controlled analogously via a simple PWM control, LIN / CAN bus or single wire UART. Sinus commutation and a torque-control via the current are also possible, with or without overspeed trip unit.

Sometimes a user is unsure which kind of motor he needs and what requirements it should have. What he needs in this situation is a motor that he can test extensively in his own application to parameterize it by himself.

Now PM DM provides the solution with the new programming box. Without a complicated driver installation, the user can enter all important motor parameters such as start-stop, current, speed etc. using a commercially available USB cable and his PC. The highlight is the bus-capable interface, several motors can be parameterized and operated at the same time. In addition, all specific measured values of the motor can be read out and stored cyclically for subsequent evaluation. An android app is also planned. With this way of proceeding, the user does not only save costs and time, but is also able to analyze the needs of his own application and modify it if it is necessary. The programming box is compatible with all BLDC motors with integrated electronics.