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Topical Company 27.02.2019


Matthias Wilhelm has been part of MinebeaMitsumi in Langen since 2016. As a Technical Sales Engineer, Matthias supports the sales team in the area of Bearings & Mechanical Products. The 32 year old Bachelor of Engineering particularly likes the numerous application possibilities of the products and the valuable insights into global business he gains.

As a part of the sales team in Langen near Frankfurt/Main, it is one of Matthias’ responsibilities to take care of clients and their commercial matters. In doing so, he creates offers, draws up contracts and organises production lead times – so-called ramp-ups – for new projects. Furthermore, as a sales expert, he supervises the serial delivery and deals with the conduction of annual price negotiations. Matthias appreciates his work a lot since the tasks are really exciting and multifaceted, as he reveals in our interview.

“I’m gaining many impressions of diverse markets due to the large product portfolio of MinebeaMitsumi. That’s exactly where the challenges start to emerge: For the wide variety of clients on a global level, it’s a really fascinating task to coordinate daily tasks with my colleagues in order to be up-to-date.  There have been challenges in every project I worked on during my time at MinebeaMitsumi so far which makes every task a special and individual experience. Sometimes it can get quite hard though, for example in terms of drawing up contractual objects or making appropriate offers for clients. Also daily business is full of surprises you can’t really prepare for, but actually that’s the fascinating thing. Since I need to keep loads of aspects in mind, work never gets boring thanks to its inviduality. Gaining new clients at MinebeaMitsumi makes you know that every single challenge during the project was well worth it in the end. Another enrichment at my job definitely is being in touch with my colleagues. My workmates from China, the US and Japan are in constant contact with me as part of client support and during meetings our international team spirit is fostered. Since I’m working from home, I often see my German colleagues in the evening or on the weekends. In my leisure time, I also love spending time with my girlfriend or going on long walks with Lotte, our dog.  What’s more, I have a strong passion for motor sport and I love cooking for my friends and family as well.

I really appreciate and like working at MinebeaMitsumi and I’m looking forward to upcoming projects with a lot of challenges. As a Technical Sales Engineer, I can make use of my individual skills precisely and effectively, I’m surrounded by a fantastic team and I enjoy work very much - I am entirely happy!”