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Topical Company 17.01.2019

“European Stories and Faces” Part 6 – Assistant Quality Manager Beth Rose

Beth Rose started her career in the Production Drawing Office at NMB-Minebea UK and is Assistant Quality Manager for the MinebeaMitsumi subsidiary now. Her professional development is both inspiring and impressive. Beth is 34 years old and part of MinebeaMitsumi for almost twelve years now. We are more than proud of today’s European story.

NMB-Minebea UK manufactures advanced bearing solutions predominantly for aerospace applications. Quality requirements in this area are extremely high. Beth is responsible for the Quality Assurance and Quality Control and therefore has to know a variety of processes and techniques. In her free time, she enjoys running and yoga both for fitness and relaxation. Her two year old son is “quite a handful (as most little boys are)” and keeps her on her toes.

» I studied Product Design at University and started my MinebeaMitsumi career in the Production Drawing Office. As I gained knowledge and experience over the time, I switched to the engineering area and as a third step into quality management. Of course, I needed to complete several vocational trainings within the quality department. I have been given opportunities not only to travel and experience different cultures, but also for self development and industry specialised courses. One of the reasons I enjoy working for MinebeaMitsumi is, that there is a lot of specialist knowledge within the company. In my job, every day is different and offers a new challenge with potential for furtherance of valuable knowledge. All of the employees worldwide have the exciting chance to listen to the ideas of other MinebeaMitsumi members and implement those ideas where they may be successful.

Among the colleagues at NMB-Minebea UK we have a very nice working atmosphere and also spend leisure time together on a quite regular basis. 

Within my role as Assistant Quality Manager, there are two main areas: The first one is quality assurance of finished products, which includes customer requirements as well as complaints, returns, audits, first article inspection reports, vendor approval management and control of internal procedures. The second area is quality control of product conformance including control, maintenance and availability of inspection equipment and the physical product inspection. In brief, my job is the assurance of product conformity and adherence to specified criteria. A methodical and considered approach must be taken to ensure all necessary requirements have been considered and adhered to due to the nature of our manufactured product.

Whether a resolution is required for an internal issue or an issue arises from a customer, time implications that may ultimately impact build of aircraft are a huge consideration, which is one of the biggest challenges. As the quality department oversee quality assurance of product and quality control of the manufacture of product there are a lot of different processes, techniques, knowledge and skills that can be utilised. Within the business, as part of my job and indeed outside of work, efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail breed quality.