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Company Product Technology 01.12.2016     Author: Martin Anlauf

Climate control actuators of NMB-Minebea GmbH regulate entire climatic zones - even if only in vehicles

The fact that a car has an air-conditioning system is hardly to be regarded as a novelty, but the technology behind it is more astonishing than one might initially believe.

Who does not know this situation - trips at too high outside temperature will quickly become a torture. In turn, on cold days, the air conditioning system supports the quick release of the windows from condensation or icing in the interior. Over the years air conditioning system in cars became more and more standard because they are used to adapt the air in the vehicle interior to a pleasant temperature and humidity range and to maintain it. Nobody will lose the comfort that result from this functionality.

In the automatic climate control, the interior temperature is automatically controlled and maintained according to the driver's specification. Therefore the system runs on demand. This is not only more comfortable, but also significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly. Essential for an air-conditioning system, especially for climate control, are the climate control flaps. They produce the right mixing ratio of fresh air and indoor air as well as warm and cold air. In addition, they control airflow and air distribution (e.g., to the windshield, interior, footwell, driver's and passenger's sides, rear). This also enables modern multi-zone air-conditioning systems. With those systems the temperature can be adjusted individually, for example for the driver and the passenger or even the rear passengers.

NMB-Minebea GmbH produces and distributes high-quality climate control units, which meet the high requirements. They must not only be small and sturdy, but also exact and quiet. In addition, they have to control the position of the climatic flaps precisely during vehicle operation under various conditions: on the highway or off-road, in high summer as well as in the deep winter. The stepper motor-based drives impress with their accurate, but fast and, above all, quiet adjustment of the climate flaps.

For this purpose, two variants are possible: direct drives and drives with integrated electronics and communication bus (LIN bus). The direct drives can be connected by customers to their motor drivers. In the variants with integrated electronics, the cabling expenditure and the expenditure on motor electronics are reduced. An advantage which is particularly important in systems with many actuators. For example, up to 16 climate control units and more can be installed in modern multi-zone climate control systems.