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Technology Product 21.12.2016     Author: Julia Arneri Borghese

An unparalleled portfolio of solutions for smart environments

Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI turns Cities Smart

Flagship solution within Paradox Engineering’s portfolio, PE.AMI is an open standard based platform building the first integrated smart urban network enabling the smarter management of any urban service, from energy distribution to WiFi and broadband connectivity, from street lighting to public parking, from video surveillance to emergency services, and many more. Fully IoT ready, PE.AMI allows municipalities and utilities to add intelligence to urban objects (meters, light points, parking lots, etc.) and connect them into a citywide network to exchange relevant information and control them from remote, with clear benefits in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost saving, energy consumption and greenhouse emissions reduction.

Agnostic to any object or field device, PE.AMI grants full interoperability on the same IPv6/6LoWPAN infrastructure. Key feature of PE.AMI is the possibility to host multiple services over the same architecture, even if deployed over time, allowing customers to schedule consecutive developments according to upcoming priorities and resources availability.


Key applications among the ones supported by PE.AMI are:

  • Smart Lighting: PE.AMI allows cities to build a self-configuring and self-healing architecture to manage new or existing lighting infrastructures. By connecting luminaires to an integrated network, PE.AMI makes them ready to receive / transmit data and execute commands, thus enabling remote monitoring and control functions. As a result, municipalities or local service providers are able to define a customized lighting pattern for single districts, streets and even single lamps, managing on/off and dimming actions according to programmed schedules (ie. combinations of time, daily solar times, specific local circumstances or events, weekly variations for given groups, etc.), environmental inputs (ie. measured light levels, temperature, motion, etc.) or on demand (ie. in case of emergencies or public security issues). Benefits in terms of energy efficiency, reduction of overall footprint and public money savings are proved to be significant, especially if combined to human / vehicle motion sensors and other similar devices.
  • Smart Parking: based on Tinynode technology, acquired by Paradox Engineering in 2015, allows municipalities to remotely control parking lots, getting information if free/busy, the duration of each parking, and related statistics. Municipalities will be able to offer citizens a full range of parking-related data, and an easier, quicker, cheaper and more relaxed parking search. Air pollution and congestion, but also parking search related fuel consumption, will be reduced thanks to the decrease of drivers looking for an empty parking lot. A quicker and easier parking search saves time and fuel, but also frustration level and noise. PE.AMI also represents an opportunity to foster local economy by creating interesting synergies: shops and businesses may leverage parking data to implement advanced customer services such as parking reservation or complementary coupons, thus positively affecting sales opportunities and revenues over time.
  •  Smart Metering: PE.AMI allows utilities and multi-utility companies to cost-effectively manage gas, electricity and water meters, as well as thermostats, sensors, actuators, and other field devices. This enables remote meter reading and sub-metering, and grants superior and real time visibility over distribution networks. A reliable control of possible supply break ups, leakages or tampering allows service providers to better manage supply activation and interruption, alarms and scheduled events, with clear benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. PE.AMI is also at the cornerstone of any additional or advanced service, thus enabling the innovative integration of alternative forms of power generation, distribution and use, and offering the opportunity to launch tailored accounting and billing schemes.
  • Public WiFi: thanks to its unique technology features, a smart urban network based on PE.AMI also offer public WiFi, for Cities to increase and improve the overall services and daily city experience of Citizens and visitors. Not only is public WiFi more and more considered a necessary resource by people; it makes the difference in the overall perception of the city experience, and can definitely play a key role in boosting local economy. Gone are the days when Internet was only used for work emails: travelers, be it for leisure or for work, now expect to browse for where to eat, buy, spend their time.
  • IP cameras and CCTV: having data coming from these devices – IP cameras monitoring traffic for example or security cameras - flowing in the same network that delivers smart lighting, smart parking, and other city services enable the correlation of the information, and therefore smarter management of service, the delivery of additional ones, and easier operations.


With PE.AMI, municipalities have one network to manage, which delivers data and information coming from a multitude of devices – and in turn allows to make them smart and manage them remotely and coherently. PE.AMI provides all hardware and software components to manage distributed networks over large areas. PE.AMI Central Management Suite enables full control of all network components, monitoring and management of measures and alarms generated by controlled devices, generation of reports and data export.

PE.WSNi is our IPv6/6LoWPAN modular wireless mesh sensor network platform for industrial assets, power generation and waste-to-energy plants, enabling smarter condition and remote monitoring processes in a truly Smart Industry and Industry 4.0 vision. Agnostic to any field sensor or instrumentation, PE.WSNi is a self-organizing, self-healing and adaptive solution made of industrial-grade hardware and software technologies.

PE.STONE provides Paradox Engineering’s core OEM IPv6/6LowPAN RF module, same as integrated in PE.AMI and PE.WSNi. PE.STONE offers the fundamental building blocks for developers and manufacturers willing to build their own IoT and smart solutions, no matter the application field.